March 10, 2022

Real Patients. Real Results. Restoration of an Implant Crown

This blog post will not only explain but also show the process of replacing a missing upper right molar and how the latest dental technology makes it a seamless experience for the patient. 

Before coming to the South Gables Dental office, our patient had their upper right last molar break, and the remaining fragments were extracted. An oral surgeon placed a titanium implant to begin the implant process and start the foundation. It took three months for the bone to integrate into the implant. At this point, it was ready for a crown to be placed. This is when South Gables Dental and Dr. Lesperance started seeing the patient in order to continue their treatment.  

It’s important to note the way in which this procedure has evolved. In the past, the process to create a crown involved taking a physical impression with the “goop” in a patient’s mouth. Then, came the waiting game to send it to a lab for models and implant crown fabrication. 

But with our state-of-the-art dental technology, we take this once lengthy and inconvenient process to two shorter visits. One for a 10-minute scan, and the second for inserting the abutment and finished porcelain crown. 

No goop, no long impressions that cause that choking feeling, and no long delays. 

Process of Creating an Implant Crown

The new dental technology aids in the process of creating an implant crown with the following steps.

  1. We place a small scan body into the implant and use our Cerec Omnicam. Cerec Omnicam uses a small video camera in the mouth to build a precise 3D digital virtual model that can be sent to the lab.
  2. The lab virtually designs a titanium abutment that goes into the implant, which cements to the porcelain crown. The lab then physically fabricates it. 
  3. The lab emails the digitally designed abutment and then ships the physical abutment and Dr. Lesperance designs the porcelain crown in the office before the abutment even arrives from the lab.  
  4. After designing, we fabricate the porcelain crown at South Gables Dental by milling it out of a preselected color block of porcelain, then it is baked in a porcelain oven. 
  5. Dr. Lesperance then places it in the mouth and completes the procedure.
  6. The patient leaves happy with an even bigger and brighter smile! 

If you are searching for a South Florida dentist that specializes in the latest dental technology for implants, look no further than South Gables Dental and Dr. Lawrence Lesperance. You can contact us here

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