July 18, 2022

Real Patients. Real Results. Anterior (Front) Bridge

Anterior-(Front)-Bridge in Coral Gables, Florida

Missing teeth? Regardless of the reason, this is where a dental bridge might be a potential solution to close those pesky gaps and give you back the smile you want and deserve. In this blog, we’ll outline the process for a front dental bridge also known as an anterior bridge, complete with photos of a real patient and the results of replacing a bridge. 

In this scenario, the patient came to us with a failing three-unit anterior (front) bridge that had been in place for years. Bridges don’t last forever, and the teeth supporting the bridge were failing and needed to be extracted.

To replace the failed teeth, two titanium dental implants were placed. After adequate healing and osseointegration, which is the maturation of the supporting bone to the titanium implants,

Dr. Lesperance began the process of taking digital impressions. The impressions then led to the fabrication of custom titanium abutments and the lab made the final porcelain bridge. 

When the patient came back in for his final appointment, Dr. Lesperacne permanently cemented the final bridge with truly remarkable results that made for a very happy patient and therefore a very happy dentist! 

Here’s a visual of the process to see the transformation before and after the anterior or front dental bridge. 

What does the process for an anterior bridge look like? Here are some photos.

1. Here you see the patient’s first photo with an old failing porcelain/bridge on his right front teeth and cavities on his left front tooth.


2. This x-ray shows the implants in place after the extraction of the hopeless teeth.

3. The implant is now in place.

4. Seen below is the final implant-supported porcelain bridge.

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