August 22, 2023

Real Dental Patients. Real Life-Changing Dental Results

At South Gables Dental we pride ourselves on putting the patient – their health, their comfort, and their oral care – at the center of all we do. In this real dental patient case, we’ll highlight the process for restoring hopeless teeth with dental implants and implant crowns. According to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, 3 million people in the United States have implants, a number that is growing by 500,000 annually. Dr. Lesperance has restored missing teeth with dental implant crowns and bridges for over 30 years.

The Situation: Dental Implant Case

We had a patient come to us with a 30-year-old existing bridge that was failing and needed to be restored. It was on the patient’s lower right side, which included their canine, two bicuspids, and their first molar (teeth #27-30). The teeth supporting the bridge were failing due to fractures, decay, and infection. In these photos, you can see the dark areas affected under the bridge. The photos that appear animated are from the CBCT Catscan of the teeth and shows the bones with the proposed placement and angles of the implants into that bone.

Dental Implant Plan of Action

After a full dental examination and a scan of the teeth and bony area involved (CBCT), the treatment plan was jointly formulated with the oral surgeon and the implant restorative dentist.

First, there was an extract and bone graft of the three hopeless teeth, the two bicuspids, and the molar (#s 28, 29, and 30). 

After adequate healing, three dental titanium implants were placed by oral surgeon, Dr. Kroum Dimitrov, who used a robotic assist arm to stabilize the patient’s mouth while a robotic instrument guides the procedure by precisely placing the implants in the proper position.

These photos show the laboratory models of the implants before the procedure. 

The Results: Dental Implant Case

Dr. Lesperance restored the retained lower right canine with a single porcelain crown (tooth #27). After three months, when the implant was integrated into the bone, which is a very standard period of time, Dr. Lesperance fabricated and installed three precision and esthetic screw-retained single dental implant crowns. These were used on the patient’s lower right bicuspids and molar (teeth #28, 29, and 30). 

What are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

Dental implants and implant crowns have a high rate of success and will usually last a lifetime in a patient’s mouth. This will restore natural esthetics and function.

Looking for a Dental Implant Doctor Near Year? 

Dr. Lesperance of South Gables Dental is accepting new patients from those who have complex implant dental needs to those who simply need their oh-so-important routine dental cleanings. Browse some before and afters of other real dental patients and schedule your consultation today.

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