January 27, 2021

Here’s Why You Should Get a Second Opinion When It Comes to Dental Work


Honesty. That’s one of the traits you hope those you interact with has, especially when it comes to medical professionals, like your dentist. Your health is priceless and it should be treated as such when it comes to medical care. Often when a dentist says you need a crown, implant, bridge, or even fillings, you trust them, say okay, and move forward with the dental procedure. 

However, if you’re like most patients, you experience that slight feeling of hesitation and wonder is that procedure really necessary? What other options exist? It’s completely understandable to take a pause and ask questions to better understand the why behind the suggested treatment and what other options you may have. 

If you experience this moment of wondering if you should find a second opinion for dental work, the answer is a resounding, ‘yes.’ Having two dental treatment plan options to consider instead of just one, can provide peace of mind and help put some of your hesitations to rest. Plus, having a second opinion dentist can save you money.

Read below to get some tips for when you’re considering getting a second dental opinion.

Can I get a second opinion from another dentist?

At South Gables Dental, we take a patient-first approach and treat our patients and their health as if they were a close family member. It’s important to ask for second opinions when it comes to dental work, and because we know the value of peace of mind, we’re proud to offer free dental second opinions. 

It can be daunting and even intimidating to tell your dentist you want to think about it and you may feel hesitant to even mention the phrase ‘second opinion.’ But rest assured, if they have your best interest and dental health top of mind, they should be more than understanding. 

Why should I get a second opinion?

Educating yourself, having options, and truly understanding the underlying issue(s) that may warrant a dental procedure, can provide peace of mind and help you to make a decision you are comfortable and confident in. It should help alleviate some of the anxiety and pressure around making a decision. 

When should I get a second dental opinion?

If you find yourself contemplating if you should even seek a second option, the answer is, yes, you should. More costly dental procedures such as implants, bridges, and fillings often warrant another dental evaluation. Any major concerns such as an oral cancer diagnosis or if you have had previous dental work that has not resolved your issues are both viable reasons. 

Other reasons to obtain a second opinion could be if you don’t have a strong rapport with your dentist or think they may not be qualified for the dental procedure they are recommending.

What questions should I ask my dentist when seeking a second opinion?

Here are some questions to help you have that conversation when obtaining another opinion for dental work. 

  • What is your treatment or procedure recommendation?
  • How does this compare to what the other dentist recommended for me? 
  • Are there other options for me to consider?
  • What is the cost of this procedure?
  • What are the risks/rewards if I were to pursue this dental treatment?
  • How immediate is the need? 
  • If I put off this procedure, what short- and long-term consequences may I experience? 

This is just a starting place. You should feel comfortable asking all questions you may have and feel confident with how the dentist answers. 

How should I find a local dentist for a second opinion? 

If you are comfortable, ask your general dentist for other professionals in the area they know and trust. Posting in local groups on Nextdoor and Facebook, searching on ZocDoc, and contacting your dental insurance can all prove to be viable resources to find another local dentist. Friends, family, and colleagues are good sources, too! Before going for a second opinion, obtain copies of your x-rays and charts to share so the next dentist has an up-to-date and transparent picture of your dental health.

In need of a second opinion dentist in Coral Gables, FL?

If you are looking for a trusted dental professional in South Florida or need a second dental opinion, please contact South Gables Dental. Our Coral Gables dental practice is proud to provide free second opinion dental exams and complimentary Invisalign consultations. Having peace of mind and knowledge at your disposal are invaluable and we hope to help you on your dental health journey. 


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