October 27, 2021

Enhancing Dental Knowledge to Better Serve You, Our Patients


Over the summer, Dr. Lawrence Lesperance, Juani, Deya, and Osiris from South Gables Dental embarked on a journey to Orlando, making their way to the Florida Dental Association Conference. 

During the 3-day event, the Miami-based dental team enhanced their knowledge on topics such as: 

  • Aesthetics in anterior implant crowns
  • Bonding filling and crowns to a natural tooth
  • Cerec crowns, and
  • Improving the overall patient experience

“By investing in our education, we’re furthering our investment in our patients’ health. Learning is a lifelong process and I enjoy brushing up on current skills and adding new ones as dental technology and techniques continue to evolve. We are excited to continue to improve the care and treatment options at our practice to help our valued patients – both current and future,” shared Dr. Lesperance.

Here’s a snapshot of the takeaways from the team that all focus on the most important person, you, our patient. 

Juani Fernandez, Patient Coordinator

  • Getting to know our patients while teaching good hygiene habits is fun! 
  • Communication is key in helping patients feel that they are in good hands. 
  • Time is valuable so we offer same-day dentistry
  • Dental exams play a major role in our lives by enhancing quality of life and longevity 

Deya Alegria, CRDH, Dental Hygienist

  • Both dentists and dental hygienists play a role in the prevention of head and neck cancers by performing routine screenings. 
  • Dental plaque can increase the chances of respiratory pathogens causing aspiration and pneumonia. 
  • Tooth loss and gum disease increase the risk of Alzheimers.
  • Obesity, diabetes, heart disease, sleep apnea, and acid reflux closely intertwined with periodontal disease.
  • Periodontal disease can start as early as childhood and can become significantly higher as people age.

Osiris Irizarry, Hygiene Coordinator

  • Being thorough during a patient’s examination, no matter how routine it may be, is critical.
  • Knowing my patient’s long-term health and dental goals help me provide even better care.
  • Holistic and alternative options should be evaluated to minimize the need for harmful chemicals while providing quality care.

So whether you need a routine dental cleaning, root canal, or Invisalign, South Gables Dental is a top dental practice in Coral Gables. Make your appointment today.  


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