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Endodontic services are most often characterized by those dental services that diagnose and treat tooth pain. This specialized area of dentistry focuses on what is going on inside your tooth, rather than any conditions that affect the gums, bones or supporting ligaments.

Endodontists continue their education after dental school to focus on diagnosing tooth pain, practice the art of root canal treatments and learning other procedures centered on the interior of a tooth. When a general dentist refers patients to see an endodontist, the hope is that an endodontic treatment can save the diseased tooth and therefore not force it to be removed.

South Gables Dental works with one of the best endodontists in Coral Gables, utilizes advanced dental technology and our staff is highly trained to provide you with superior service along with quality dental care both during your general dental visit and any subsequent visits to the practice to see our endodontist.

What are Endodontic Services?

Endodontists repair infected or damaged teeth, primarily with three typical procedures: a root canal, pulpectomies and apicoectomies.

Root Canal Treatments

The most common endodontic service that endodontists perform is root canal treatments. Rather than remove the entire tooth, an endodontist can drill a small access hole into the tooth to remove the infected nerve, clean and dry the nerve chamber and canals, and then fill and seal the inside of the tooth to protect it from bacteria in the future. Root canals are usually performed on permanent teeth, but can also be performed on primary or baby teeth.


Another type of endodontic service is a pulpectomy, which many often consider the first step of a root canal procedure. During a pulpectomy, the endodontist also drills a small access hole into the tooth and then they remove all of the pulp from inside the patient’s crown and roots. Then the endodontist fills the tooth with a temporary medicated paste that soothes the infected tissue and alleviates the pain. This salve also helps to heal the infection and can be reabsorbed by the body.

A root canal starts with a pulpectomy, but the tooth gets a permanent filling or crown.

Endodontists commonly perform pulpectomies on baby teeth to save an infected primary (or baby) tooth. You may also hear them called baby root canals.


Apicoectomy surgery is a fairly routine procedure. Sometimes after a root canal treatment, there is still some residual infection in the bone. During an apicoectomy, the endodontist surgically removes the tip of the root of the tooth, also called the apex, as well as any infected or inflamed tissue. The endodontist can add a small filling to protect the root canal, as well as add stitches or sutures in the gingiva to help the tissue heal as it should and support apicoectomy recovery.

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What does an endodontist do? Read our blog on “what is an endodontist” to learn more.

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Our Endodontic treatment / root canal treatment in Coral Gables successfully eliminates an infection and protects the tooth from becoming contaminated in the future.

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