January 30, 2020

So, You Need an Emergency Dentist during the Super Bowl


Yes, we know this is a rugby ball, but the image is perfect and these injuries could easily have occurred with a football.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (and who wants to do that in sunny South Florida?), Miami is hosting Super Bowl LIV on Sunday, February 2, 2020. National Football Conference (NFC) champion San Francisco 49ers will go against the American Football Conference (AFC) champion Kansas City Chiefs. As a Miami native, I wish our beloved Miami Dolphins had a fighting chance this year, but that wasn’t in the stars. Regardless, I love welcoming visitors from near and far to my hometown. While the game itself won’t be played downtown or near the sparkle of South Beach, all of Miami-Dade County and maybe up into Broward and Palm Beach Counties will likely feel the pulse from the throng of sports fans and party goers. The crescendo continually grows, as the hype started soon after we rang in 2020. 

One of my favorite parts of the media frenzy? Dave Barry’s Super Bowl Visitor’s Guide at the Miami Herald and his hysterical commentary on the subject. One of the best parts is his focus on the local delicacy of croquetas, but it’s all worth a read. I’ll give anyone who doesn’t laugh out loud at least once a free toothbrush.

4 Common Reasons to Visit an Emergency Dentist in Coral Gables and Miami FL during the Super Bowl

Football is my sport. I played at both Christopher Columbus High School here in Miami, as well as at Brown University where I studied as an undergraduate. Did you hear that Columbus won the Florida Football State Championship in 2019? The Explorers trailed behind Apopka for most of the game, but we managed to pull ahead in the last three minutes. It was quite a comeback! But I digress. In addition to being a running back I was always playing some sport, so over the years I managed to sustain plenty of injuries both on and off the field. Football is dangerous; you won’t find much argument there. But what many people don’t realize is that football spectators also experience their own fair share of bumps and bruises and dental trauma. 

Here are the top 4 reasons to visit an emergency dentist during the Super Bowl:

  1. Chicken wings: Sure. They’re tiny and delicious, and with all the fancy flavors besides the traditional Buffalo chicken wings there’s a taste to fit every palate. But watch out! Besides the spice which can be downright painful, especially if you’re chowing down on wings with ghost pepper wing sauce, in the heat of the moment make sure you don’t bite down on the wing bone itself! This can loosen an already compromised crown or chip a delicate tooth.
  2. Double dipping: While most adults are quite aware that this is a big no-no, there’s always that one clueless guy at a Super Bowl party who either: a) thinks the rules don’t apply to him, b) thinks no one is watching and tries to get away with it, or c) has consumed one too many Bud Lights and doesn’t realize that not only is he double dipping he’s also dipping a raw shrimp into salsa. We all know tensions get high during the big game, so on a normal day John may simply playfully punch Brian on the arm and say “Knock it off, man!” The reaction on Super Bowl Sunday may turn a bit more physical.
  3. Frozen paletas: Have you ever eaten a paleta? Many people visiting Miami may never have heard of this awe-inspiring Mexican dessert. It’s not simply a popsicle, no. This three-step experience includes: 1) picking your flavor (Strawberry? Passion fruit filled with condensed milk? Banana filled with Nutella? Sicilian pistachio?); 2) dipping it in chocolate of any color, caramel and more; and 3) topping it with nuts, crushed graham crackers or a local novelty, miguelitos. Go ahead, look it up. My go-to local shop that always satisfies my paleta craving is Morelia Gourmet Paletas on Miracle Mile in Coral Gables. How does this relate to dentistry? If your host is gracious enough to serve paletas at your party and puts them in the freezer for awhile, they can get, well, frozen. Those of you with delicate teeth should let them thaw for a few minutes or else risk a dental emergency.
  4. Team rivalry: This one should really need no explanation, but let’s be honest, boys will be boys. It’s the oldest story around. Boy grows up in Kansas City; boy prefers the weather in South Florida, decides to attend University of Miami and trades in his ribs and burnt ends for croquetas and paletas; boy becomes a die-hard Miami Hurricanes fan but still loves his hometown’s pro football team; boy meets a 49ers fan at Super Bowl 54 and needs to find an emergency dentist in Miami. I’ve seen it hundreds of times, kinda.


Find Your Emergency Dentist in Coral Gables

I’ve been a practicing dentist in Coral Gables for decades and I’ve seen some pretty bad dental emergencies. During the hubbub of Super Bowl Weekend I fully expect both tourists and locals will need some emergency dental care, whether they’re watching from the Hard Rock Stadium (good for you, big money!), a local sports bar or a house party that welcomes fans from either team. So what if you have a chipped tooth? A lost crown? You’ll be Googling “best dentist in Miami” or “emergency dentist in Coral Gables” or if you’re staying in one of our lovely suburbs “best dentist in Coral Gables” before you know it.

Or maybe something hurts in your mouth yet you’re not sure whether or not you need to visit an emergency dentist in Miami. I’ve prepared some information to help you make that decision. Click here to learn what’s considered a dental emergency, and what’s not.

See One of the Best Emergency Dentists in Miami

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Whether you need a general dentist, periodontist, endodontist, orthodontist, oral surgeon, prosthodontist or pedodontist (children’s dentist), the team at South Gables Dental can help! Plus, as mentioned, we offer emergency dental services in Coral Gables.

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