September 22, 2022

Dental Emergency? Quick! It’s Time to Find a Dentist Near You in Coral Gables


Are you finding yourself in the midst of a dental emergency? It’s never a good time for a broken or chipped tooth, severe pain, or swelling. But it’s especially not a good time when it strikes after hours or on the weekend or even on a holiday or special occasion. How convenient, right? 

So if you’re looking for an emergency dentist near you in Coral Gables, look no farther than South Gables Dental. 

What constitutes a dental emergency? 

Like all emergencies the need is immediate and waiting may cause additional trauma and long-term side effects if not treated in a timely fashion. According to an article on

A dental emergency is anything but routine. With dental emergencies, usually obvious and immediate action is necessary to address severe pain, discomfort, or trauma to the mouth that may cause bleeding and lacerations to the gums and dislodge or fracture teeth.

What are some common reasons you need an emergency dentist? 

You may be wondering what some of the most common dental emergencies Dr. Lesperance has seen over the years have been, and let’s just say they have certainly run the gamut from the fathomable to the more shocking  — here are just a few. 

1. Chipped tooth from St. Patrick’s Day Irish Car Bombs. 

Irish car bombs come with more than just the danger of not remembering all the details of your festive evening. They also can come with a side of a chipped tooth as the shot glass (often made of glass) inside your pint may come back quicker than expected and crash into your teeth. Drink with caution as even the luck of the Irish may not protect you from an unwarranted tooth repair. 

2. A knocked-out tooth from playing soccer a few days before the big day. 

If the saying happy wife, happy life, rings true starting off your wedding day with a surprise missing tooth is not a good way to begin your marriage. Having a tooth knocked out from messing around with the guys on the soccer field might be an activity you should pass on in the week or so leading up to your wedding day. Emergency dentists can do wonders, but replacing a front tooth in a few days’ time is usually not realistic. 

3. A cracked tooth from eating a turkey leg at Thanksgiving. 

If grandma loves that turkey leg, you may need to suggest she doesn’t bite right into it, but cuts it off the bone to avoid a Thanksgiving holiday weekend emergency dentist visit and missing out on all the Black Friday shopping deals.

4. Immense amount of pain, swelling, and even a fever from cutting the roof of your mouth with a tortilla chip. 

Who knew there was danger lurking in the bag of Tostitos? Eating anything with sharper edges can often cut your gums or roof of the mouth causing pain and an open wound that can easily get infected. If the pain continues to grow, becomes unbearable and you start to feel unwell you may have a more severe infection that requires antibiotics and immediate care to prevent the infection from spreading. 

Don’t have a dentist and Have a Dental Emergency in the Miami Area? 

Dr. Lesperance of South Gables Dental can help whether you are a current patient or not. So if you’re looking for a dentist near Coral Gables and the Miami area, we’re here to help with your next dental emergency. 

Learn more about our emergency dental services and contact us today 

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