March 3, 2020

Coronavirus Safety & Practice Updates


Updated March 1, 2021

We are pleased to inform our patients that all members of the South Gables Dental team have received both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. his will increase the safety of delivering quality care to our patients even further. Thank you to everyone at Baptist Hospital for making it a seamless experience.

To find out COVID-19 vaccine information in Florida, please visit:

We have always prioritized both patient and staff safety and given the current impact of COVID-19, we have enhanced our office sanitization and sterilization procedures. Our new fogger uses hypochlorous acid which is made in the office from water, table salt, and vinegar paired with an electric current. This releases the chlorine ion for sterilization. It is completely safe for humans and actually used to fight infections around the eyes by doctors.

Watch the video to see the sanitation science experiment in action and read more about the process here

You have questions, we have answers. We included many commonly asked questions below, but if you have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at 305-665-1263 or

The Post-COVID Dentist Visit

We’re happy to announce that per Executive Order 20-112 Governor Ron DeSantis cleared dentists to resume elective procedures starting May 4, 2020. Please note that only dentists who have secured adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) are allowed to reopen, and fortunately, South Gables Dental is among those.

What new safety procedures have been implemented due to COVID-19?

To ensure the safety of both our patients and our staff, South Gables Dental has implemented new safety measures:

  • Staff temperatures are taken daily.
  • Patients experiencing a fever, cough or shortness of breath, who have been in contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19 or have been quarantined or treated for COVID-19, flu or another communicable disease, should schedule his or her appointment at least two weeks from the last symptom and/or until cleared by a qualified medical professional.
  • We’ll screen patients for illness at the time of scheduling and upon arrival for the appointment. Any patient exhibiting signs of illness may not be seen that day.
  • Staff now wear additional PPE including hairnets, face shield, glasses, N-95 masks with an additional mask on top, gowns and foot covers.
  • Room infectious disease control measures were enhanced with backflow suction in room; covers for dental chair and unit; covers for X-ray unit, light switches, all handles, mouse and keyboard; all surfaces are disinfected between each patient with antibacterial and antiviral solutions.

What should I do when I show up for my appointment?

Due to COVID-19, South Gables Dental has implemented a new check-in process. 

  • Upon arrival at the parking lot, patients should call the office (305-665-1263). 
  • A dental office representative will come out to the car to take the patient’s temperature and ask screening questions. We’ll also take the temperature of anyone who accompanies the patient upon arrival to the office. 
  • When the office is ready to see the patient, a dental representative will call the patient to enter the office, if the patient doesn’t accompany the representative immediately after the screening.
  • Patients and anyone accompanying a patient should wear a mask.
  • Patients will wash their hands with antibacterial soap and rinse their mouth with an antibacterial solution before the dental appointment begins. 
  • Guests of patients are not allowed to stay in the reception room. Caregivers can bring the patient into the room, but must wait in the car or outside the office. Benches are available in the outdoor hallway.
  • Patients who arrive late may not be seen that day.

I haven’t been working due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Do you offer a way to finance my dental care?

We understand the economic shutdown has been difficult for many people, and we’d never want individuals to let their dental health suffer or experience tooth or gum pain due to finances. Please speak with our staff or visit the Finances and Insurance page of our website for more information about how we can help your teeth and your wallet.

COVID-19 Safety at South Gables Dental

We want to assure our patients and the community that South Gables Dental takes every necessary precaution to keep both our patients and staff safe on a daily basis, and we’re staying up to date on all of the recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regarding COVID-19.

Each day we follow universal precautions for any transmissible disease including HIV, hepatitis and tuberculosis. We have the latest barrier controls, sterilization techniques and equipment. Following our standard protocol, we should have no risk of either transmitting or being infected by the coronavirus. 

Follow Basic Safety Precautions

Each year when flu season starts, we’re reminded of the basic safety precautions to follow to keep ourselves, our families and our communities as safe as possible. These same preventative measures can help us stay as safe from the novel coronavirus. Always remember:

  • Wash your hands with soap and warm water regularly and for at least 20 seconds, especially after using the restroom, before eating or after sneezing, blowing your nose or coughing
  • As much as possible, avoid close contact with people who are sick
  • Avoid touching your face, eyes, nose and mouth
  • If you’re not feeling well, stay home and isolate yourself as much as possible
  • Regularly clean objects that you touch frequently
  • Read the full list of preventative measures from the CDC

If You are Worried About COVID-19 or Coronavirus

We now know that individuals may be at risk even if they haven’t traveled to China or any of the other countries that experienced large outbreaks earlier. If you feel you’re at risk, please visit the CDC website and follow the appropriate steps to keep you, your family and the community healthy.

In Conclusion: COVID-19 Safety

We’re seeing new patients, so you can contact us to schedule an appointment for all of your Coral Gables or Miami dentist needs.

I’m Dr. Lawrence Lesperance, a Coral Gables dentist who specializes in preventative dentistry, general dentistry services, and cosmetic dentistry services. My team and I provide personalized dental services for the whole family and offer Invisalign treatment, implant dentistry, periodontic services and botox treatments (for TMJ and migraines and cosmetic botox) and much more. Contact us to experience the South Gables Dental difference today!

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