What is Zoom Teeth Whitening? What You Need to Know About Your Teeth Whitening Options


Today, we’re growing quite accustomed to using Zoom for daily conference calls, virtual happy hours and even physically distanced workouts. But what you might not know is that Zoom is also a type of teeth whitening service, and it’s the teeth whitening option of choice offered at South Gables Dental. So if you’re not loving […]

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Here’s What to Expect for Your Next Prophylaxis Dental Cleaning A.K.A. the Normal Dental Cleaning


We recently shared an overview of the different types of dental cleanings, one of which included a prophylaxis dental cleaning or what is more commonly known as a normal dental cleaning, especially among patients. This post will go into a bit more detail around what to expect during your next dental visit and prophylaxis dental […]

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We asked 14 dentists how you can take better care of your teeth, here’s what they said


Dr. Lesperance was quoted in Treebird on 2/24/2020 “Consider the power of orthodontia. Orthodontia is not simply cosmetic. When your teeth are crowded together or too far apart, you’re more likely to experience recession. The more lined up your teeth are, the fewer problems you’ll experience in the future, such as the need for gum […]

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How Dentists Are Staying Productive During the COVID-19 Lockdown


Dr. Lesperance was quoted in Software Pundit on 4/14/2020 “Dr. Lawrence M. Lesperance from South Gables Dental has upgraded his clinical software, as well as business and marketing applications. Dr. Lesperance added that ‘we also purchased new devices to improve the patient experience. For example, we upgraded our CEREC milling unit to decrease the amount […]

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