April 22, 2020

9 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day Everyday


Today the world celebrates Earth Day; in fact, this is the 50th anniversary of the day that kickstarted the modern environmental movement as we know it. At South Gables Dental, we’re fortunate to live where most people vacation. This is not only an honor but also a responsibility to sustain the natural beauty we enjoy each day. With little everyday changes, we collectively can make a big impact to protect Mother Earth – even in isolation.

Here are nine easy and inexpensive ways we can celebrate Earth Day everyday:

1. Plant a Garden

Plant a garden. It’s easy to grow herbs and some vegetables in pots whether you live in a house or an apartment, and fortunately it’s easy to order both online. With the uncertainty of your local grocery store carrying your favorite herbs these days, having them a snip away is a gift.

2. Cut Those Plastic Soda Rings

Cut those plastic soda rings. You know those plastic rings that hold your six-pack together? If they make it into our waters, turtles and other wildlife may think they’re fish and try to eat them. Many times the rings can kill the animal if it gets entangled, if the animal ingests it or otherwise. Not to mention, they’re unsightly. Solution: grab a pair of scissors and snip every circle before you recycle.

3. Recycle

Recycle. Did you know that you can request as many red recycling bins from the City of Coral Gables as you want? Simply call 305-460-5346 or submit the request on the City’s app. Plus, Coral Gables offers a wealth of resources at I’m guessing that other cities in Miami-Dade County make it just as easy as Coral Gables does to keep our City Beautiful.

4. Buy a Recyclable Water Bottle

Buy a recyclable water bottle. This is an easy one. Cute reusable water bottles abound, and a company named Swell is a fan favorite. Even better? Swell is donating $250,000 worth of bottles to support healthcare providers who are working around the clock to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Everybody wins! And while you’re at it, get yourself a reusable coffee cup too. 

5. Go Virtual

Go virtual. Normally, we’d suggest visiting our gorgeous parks or beaches or other areas of natural beauty today, but with the coronavirus pandemic still in full swing, that’s not an option. Fortunately, many of our local parks, zoos, museums and others are hosting virtual events to celebrate Earth Day 2020. The Miami Herald features many of them here.

6. Update Your Light Bulbs

Update your light bulbs. What an easy and perfect activity when you’re stuck at home! Not only do you help the planet by replacing your old, inefficient incandescent light bulbs with newer halogen incandescents, compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), or light emitting diodes (LEDs), you can save money on your FPL bill. Learn more at

7. Responsible Flossing

Responsible flossing. I’m a general dentist, so of course I advocate for daily flossing. But I wouldn’t suggest using disposable flossers due to the use of unnecessary plastic in the construction. I can understand how disposable flossers may make it easier for children to learn good habits, but as adults it’s really not necessary. And if you do use them, throw them in a garbage can, not on the street. Littering is never cool.

8. Turn It Off

Turn it off. This may be the easiest one of them all, and it doesn’t cost a cent. In fact, it will save you a few cents in the long run. Leaving a room? Turn off the light! Done with the mixer? Unplug it! Leaving the house for a few hours, maybe to take a walk around the neighborhood? Turn your air conditioning up by a few degrees. This collectively saves a lot of energy and helps the planet, but it should reduce your power bill as well. 

9. Go Vegetarian

Go vegetarian. No, you don’t have to completely change your lifestyle, but by switching out meat for a meal filled with fresh vegetables (from your garden maybe?) and beans, for example, you can help the planet as well as your health.

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