October 15, 2021

3 of The Worst Types of Candy for Your Teeth – Sweet Treats to Avoid this Halloween


“Trick-or-treat, smell my feet, give me something good (that won’t hurt my teeth) to eat.” We get it. Halloween certainly brings out everyone’s sweet tooth. But did you know that not all candy is created equally when it comes to how it can affect your teeth? It’s true! Of course no candy at all is the best kind, but let’s face it – every once in a while we all need a sweet treat. Let’s review the 3 worst types of candy for your teeth this Halloween.

1. Sticky candy like Now and Laters and Caramels

Sticky candy does just that, it sticks to your teeth. This means it can stay on your teeth longer and can even be more difficult to remove. Plus, it can linger and stay behind in all the nooks and crannies. The longer it stays on your teeth, the more time it has to eat away at the protective tooth enamel. Remember when your dentist reminds you to floss daily? This is especially important to remember if you tend to reach for those caramel apples.

2. Hard candy like Jolly Ranchers

Hard candies are filled with sugar and since they are meant to melt in your mouth, the candy and its sugars mixed with your saliva coat your teeth. Plus, the chance of biting down on the hard candy and chipping or cracking a tooth exists as well. Definitely avoid biting down, especially if it hasn’t melted down enough yet.

3. Sour candy like Sour Patch Kids

Sour candies are filled with citric acid which erodes the enamel on your teeth which puts you at an increased risk for tooth decay. Plus, if you’re a fan of both sour and gummy candies, that’s a double-whammy of not-so-good news for your poor teeth. 

Even dentists need sweet treats every now and then. Your favorite candy when eaten in moderation, combined with strong oral hygiene and routine dental appointments, will help you to maintain healthy and happy teeth. And if you happen to stumble upon any extra Reese’s peanut butter cups, please bring them by. These are Dr. Lesperance’s favorite candy! 

The good news is that just after Halloween, you can reinvigorate your dental routine as November 1 marks national brush your teeth day. Remember, that brushing for two minutes, twice a day is part of a strong dental routine. And don’t forget to floss, too! 

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